Sunday, 21 February 2010

Living the Dream

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. Guess I've been busy :)

I just have to share about a beautiful day I had yesterday; a day I finally realised I am living my dream!

For the second year I was invited back to teach at a Body, Mind, Soul week-end for the Fitness Fiesta organisation in Windsor. Imagine a beautiful English manor, set in green countryside, and a fabulous collection of people (mostly women) who've come from all over to enjoy a week-end of pampering, fitness and holistic well-being.

This year I got to teach not just a Nia workshop, but also a Kundalini Yoga workshop and give a talk on Love Your Body, Love Your Life.

I spent all day Friday preparing - I really wanted the classes and talk to be good.

And they were... I wasn't nervous at all. I flowed, I glowed, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I received thanks and heartfelt gratitude from many lovely people.

I had to pinch myself at one point as I sat on my yoga mat and confidently instructed over 50 people in kundalini yoga - a practice I only took up myself in late 2008. WOW!

From there I moved on to give my talk - and again, no nerves at all. I relished the experience. I felt calm, confident, inspired and inspiring. In my element. I left that experience thinking - "yeah, I want to do more of this - I love giving talks!"

Again and again I have questioned and doubted my desire to stick to this path and go for my heart's true desire - when family and much of the "normal" world is wanting me to go back into regular employment and do the "sensible" thing.

Yet yesterday I was talking to 40 rapt women of all ages about how to love their bodies and love their lives and I could honestly stand there as a role-model and say - YES! Here I am - I've come through all of this and I totally love my self, love my body and love my life.

How could I do anything but continue on this path of growth, transformation and holistic fitness?

Love, praise & gratitude!

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  1. Saw you on Kindred Spirit. Well done ! Hope it's all still going well for you. : )