Sunday, 21 February 2010

Living the Dream

I can't believe it's been so long since I last posted. Guess I've been busy :)

I just have to share about a beautiful day I had yesterday; a day I finally realised I am living my dream!

For the second year I was invited back to teach at a Body, Mind, Soul week-end for the Fitness Fiesta organisation in Windsor. Imagine a beautiful English manor, set in green countryside, and a fabulous collection of people (mostly women) who've come from all over to enjoy a week-end of pampering, fitness and holistic well-being.

This year I got to teach not just a Nia workshop, but also a Kundalini Yoga workshop and give a talk on Love Your Body, Love Your Life.

I spent all day Friday preparing - I really wanted the classes and talk to be good.

And they were... I wasn't nervous at all. I flowed, I glowed, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. I received thanks and heartfelt gratitude from many lovely people.

I had to pinch myself at one point as I sat on my yoga mat and confidently instructed over 50 people in kundalini yoga - a practice I only took up myself in late 2008. WOW!

From there I moved on to give my talk - and again, no nerves at all. I relished the experience. I felt calm, confident, inspired and inspiring. In my element. I left that experience thinking - "yeah, I want to do more of this - I love giving talks!"

Again and again I have questioned and doubted my desire to stick to this path and go for my heart's true desire - when family and much of the "normal" world is wanting me to go back into regular employment and do the "sensible" thing.

Yet yesterday I was talking to 40 rapt women of all ages about how to love their bodies and love their lives and I could honestly stand there as a role-model and say - YES! Here I am - I've come through all of this and I totally love my self, love my body and love my life.

How could I do anything but continue on this path of growth, transformation and holistic fitness?

Love, praise & gratitude!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Feeling blessed

One of the first Nia routines I learned and loved was called AO - Alpha Omega (beginning & end). The 3rd song has a beautiful move Carlos calls the "flowerfold". With a cross behind, the body closes in & folds like a flower in bud, then opens, stretches up and unfolds into its fullnes like a beautiful bloom opening its face to the sun. I've always loved that move so much - its potent symbology of blossoming into one's full glory.
Today I'm reminded of that move as more and more beautiful synchronicities & blessings touch my life, the more & more I feel myself becoming my true & best self.
So what happened for me today? A friend from Holland arrived to stay with me - I met her over New Year on an amazing kundalini yoga retreat - my first ever. I cleaned & tidied my entire flat! Then a male buddy I've had an intense but tricky involvement with turned up, gave me a divine hug of love, stayed for tea, then left with a sweet kiss on my cheek - just as I was on the phone to Leora Lightwoman discussing a space on her next tantra workshop. A week-end it just so happens (!) I'd already arranged for a friend to have my children to stay!! I've had several lovely emails from friends new and old, & then, out of the blue a call from a lovely lady I've not even met in person, but with whom I connected by phone over a year ago. She has just taken the Nia White Belt & is coming to One World in August to take Nia with me. Yay oh yay!! How fantastic a day is this?! And that's not even mentioning the sun on my face as I sat in the park with my friend while the kids played, or our yummy dinner, or the sweet kisses my daughter showered on me earlier.
I feel so very blessed, & so very much like a beautiful flower unfolding.......

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Business Angel - Little Bee

Isn't it just somehow fitting that my business angel founded the Little Bee Community? I mean, I call my business Nia Nectar - and here is the honey bee helping me to spread my juicy pollen!!
On Monday I met with the most amazing woman - Abi - who gave me almost 4 hours of her undivided attention for free, in order to help me get clarity on the direction of Nia Nectar & see ways to turn my talents & value into a sustainable income.
She is magic. An answer to my prayers. Just amazing clarity, insight, empathy, power.
She has just founded the Little Bee Community on Ning so as to foster social enterprise. It is at:
Check it out and join up if you have interest. The site is still green for now, but I tell you, Abi is a jewel.

Re-Vibing the Tribe

Grin, grin, grin, this flow just keeps surprising me!
Had a call today inviting me to lead a Nia workshop at a beautiful summer gathering called Re-vibing the Tribe in my very own home-county of Essex!!
I met the facilitators - Giles & Dee last year at the Festival of Life in London. Kept bumping into them at various body-mind-spirit events, & now this call from them out of the blue. Yay hay!
It sounds like a delicious, blissful week-end, and very good value too. A loved-up site in Essex with peace circle, yin/yang balancing, compost loos, solar showers (I love compost loos btw) & peaceful countryside (it does still exist, honest).
For just £40 squids there'll be yoga, healing, meditation, trance dance, ceremonies, drumming, Nia (with ME) etc. etc. Kids welcome. Yummy & very affordable food. No drugs or alcohol. A blissful zone.
Did I mention that it's camping? I guess it's obvious.
Well, I'm really looking forward to this so much. Do come & join me :)

Friday, 19 June 2009

Life is getting interesting

A drumming and dance celebration, the 5Rs, kids Birthday parties, a potential date with a potter, and a possible job with a goddess of tantra - life IS getting interesting.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Moving Water - Rumi

My dear friend, Mia, shared this with me. It touched my soul, so I'm sharing it with you. Read, absorb, enjoy, be inspired!

Moving Water

When you do things
from your soul,
you feel a river
moving in you,
a joy.

When actions come
from another section,
the feeling disappears

Don't let others lead you

They may be blind
or, worse, vultures.

Reach for the rope of God

And what is that?

Putting aside self-will.

Because of willfulness
people sit in jail,
the trapped bird's wings are tied,
fish sizzle in the skillet.

The anger of police is willfulness.

You've seen a magistrate
inflict visible punishment

Now see the invisible.

If you could leave your selfishness,
you would see how
you've been torturing your soul

We are born and live inside
black water in a well.

How could we know
what an open field of sunlight is?

Don't insist on going
where you think you want to go

Ask the way to the spring.

Your living pieces
will form a harmony.

There is a moving palace
that floats in the air
with balconies and
clear water flowing through,
infinity everywhere,
yet contained under a single tent.

Sat Classes in June!

Hi everyone, I'll be offering 2 Saturday classes this month at the lovely Factory dance space in Holloway, sub -teaching for Jo Marsden. June 20th & 27th, 10-11am. Come along & join the party :)